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Introducing Your MS to Friends and Family

So many folks in the MS Insight community are in the beginning stages of their MS diagnosis. We are so thankful to be part of a community of many newbies and want to provide resources and support for you.

Some of you may be interested in a podcast interview with MS Warrior Sophie, recorded by SELF Magazine. On their podcast, Checking In, they spoke with Sophie about her diagnosis and how life has been since.

“What I’m realizing is a lot of people don’t really understand MS," she said in the interview. "I’m worried that people might associate negative connotations with what I can do with my work.

Like many, she's worried about the implications on her job and other relationships. Because people aren't very familiar with MS, they can often make unhelpful assumptions that aren't accurate. In the podcast, Sophie and the host discuss things like when to tell friends or family members, how to navigate relationships and the shifting changes in mental health that come with a chronic illness.

Working with a mental health therapist has been a part of her journey as well. SELF spoke with Lauren Selfridge, L.M.F.T., who works with those with chronic illnesses. She had this to say:

"I think the first thing is giving yourself the space to decide what feels good today and the permission to change your mind tomorrow. Because it's about honoring what's actually happening for your life. There isn't a rulebook. And we're kind of writing it as we go. But even then, it can change.”

There's nothing easy about facing life with a chronic illness like MS, but Sophie advocates getting involved in a community and finding support among those who understand. Listen to the podcast here:

Are you looking for support and encouragement? Join our private MS Patient Support Group on Facebook here!

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