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The Latest: Stem Cells and Multiple Sclerosis

What can we learn about Multiple Sclerosis from stem cell research? As it turns out, a lot!

In our latest video, MS Insight Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Daniel Kantor, provides information about some of the latest stem cell findings.

This new study is exciting because stem cells were used, not for people with relapsing MS, but people with progressive MS. Instead of using hematopoietic stem cells (that make new blood and immune cells), mesenchymal stem cells become different types of cells, and the hope that is they can repair damage done in progressive MS.

In the study, mesenchymal stem cells came from people's own bone marrow, and then a special mix of nutrients made the stem cells more likely to help repair past damage. This was shown by an improvement in walking, hand dexterity, thinking and vision.

We look forward to bringing you more educational videos from Dr.Kanter. You can catch some of his other videos here.

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