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Dr. James Bowen: The Issues Affecting the MS Patient

Dr. James Bowen, Medical Director of Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish Neuroscience Institute, spoke with MS Insight about a wide variety of issues affecting those with MS. Dr. Bowen is one of the most respected physicians in the country when it comes to the condition of MS and we are thankful for his insights on these subjects.

In this new series of videos exclusively for MS Insight, Dr. Bowen covers some of the following topics:

  • Treatment options

  • MRIs

  • Importance of nurses

  • Pharmacotherapy

  • Infusion Centers

  • Rehabilitation

  • Emotional care

  • Online resources

  • Bladder, bowel, sexual

  • Spasticity management

Here's one video from the series, but you can see the full play list here.

You can find the full series of videos on our YouTube channel, where are are regularly rolling out new interviews with top MS experts.

We previously spoke with Dr. Bowen about his lifetime of work surrounding MS and you can get to know him a little better here:

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