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These interviews are first debuted on Facebook live and then placed on MS Insight for on-demand playback.  We bring you the latest insights from influencers throughout the country on a variety of key topics to empower our audience with the latest diagnostic, therapeutic, and quality of life information.

Minorities & MS

 MS Insight’s new video, titled “MS in Communities of Color” features an interview with  Kamilah Martin- Proctor.  She talked about the different outreach that her group provides.

   “Nobody could tell me how these medications and studies affected people of color,” she commented.  So, in response, she started a small support group and began doing strategic outreach.  The group is called the Martin MS Alliance Foundation (

Learn more about Kamilah and her work, as well as MS in Communities of Color in these videos. Thank you, Kamilah, for sharing your insights with the MS Insight community!