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Minorities & MS

 MS Insight’s new video, titled “MS in Communities of Color” features an interview with  Kamilah Martin- Proctor.  She talked about the different outreach that her group provides.

   “Nobody could tell me how these medications and studies affected people of color,” she commented.  So, in response, she started a small support group and began doing strategic outreach.  The group is called the Martin MS Alliance Foundation (

Learn more about Kamilah and her work, as well as MS in Communities of Color in these videos. Thank you, Kamilah, for sharing your insights with the MS Insight community!

MS & COVID-19: Wellness and Mindfulness

Developing wellness and mindfulness practices can be a great way for MS patients to cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the theme of MS Insight’s videos, “MS and COVID-19.” 

Why Do Women with MS Get so Many Bladder Infections & What Can They Do About It

Providing key information on UTIs and MS, these videos are an open and frank conversation about the challenges and treatments of UTI and bladder conditions and MS.

These videos provide the latest diagnostic and treatment information on urinary tract infections, bladder health, and MS. Featuring Anna Wechta, BSN, RN, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA.

MS Influencer Insights

These interviews are first debuted on Facebook live and then placed on MS Insight for on-demand playback.  We bring you the latest insights from influencers throughout the country on a variety of key topics to empower our audience with the latest diagnostic, therapeutic, and quality of life information.