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Board of Directors

Wendy Booker – Executive Director

Wendy Booker is using her journey of adventure to carry a message of willpower, humor, and hope. Her vision of conquering Multiple Sclerosis and exploring the farthest reaches of the globe gives others the inspiration and strength to overcome their own obstacles in their unique journey with MS.

Mary Margaret Moore, M. Ed., - Board President

Since her early career Mary Margeret Moore has been involved in the NonProfit world.  Starting in crisis counseling, she has also taught and directed a number of organizations through her long career.  Currently she is the Executive Director for the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann in Salem, MA.

Sarah Mars – Board Treasurer

Sarah Mars brings to the Foundation extensive experience working with a variety of boards and volunteer organizations including Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.

Cheri Ruskus – Board Secretary

In her role on the board Cheri Ruskus brings her 30 years of experience in working with new start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs in the for profit world as a Business Coach, Strategist, Facilitator and Trainer.  She was also the co-founder of a 501C3 Downtown Business Association that has remained strong and steady for over 25 years.   

Megan Ruebsamen, Attorney, Criminal Appellate Law Firm

Megan researches, writes, and argues criminal appellate briefs for indigent clients. Her work centers around her experience as Grant Manager with Project Hope in Boston, MA, a Homelessness Prevention Nonprofit. She co-created the manual for the agency’s donor database. Additionally, she wrote grant proposals and reports and oversaw deadline tracking.  


Dr. John Reddington: DVM, CEO

With over 27 years of executive experience in biotech and medical device companies, John Reddington has created startups through publicly traded companies such as Valentis Inc. and Sirtex Inc. 

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Ben Thrower

Medical Director of the MS Institute 

The Shepherd, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Peter Short

Chief Medical Officer

Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospitals, Beverly, Massachusetts

Brian Hutchinson

Executive Director at the Mercy MS 

Achievement Center, Sacramento, CA 

Dr. Emily Riser

Medical Director at the Tanner Center and Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis

Birmingham, AL

Dr. Michael Rubenstein


University of Pennsylvania 

Heads a medical team in Tanzania to evaluate and treat neurological problems.

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