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Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis: An MS Patient Story

In this interview, we speak with MS Warrior Christina about her experience with MS. She is a mom with a message: you can do this. We spoke with her about her diagnosis three years ago and the journey she has taken since then.

Through several different types of medications and pain pills, she's finally come to a place that is working for her. One of those things is regular exercise, which she does every morning. Another reason is the use of medical marijuana, which says has been a game changer. Previously, she had been prescribed strong pain pills. But the medical marijuana has made it so she doesn't need those to deal with her chronic pain.

While there is controversy surrounding medical marijuana, Christina said it has been life-changing and she uses it consistently to keep pain from MS at bay. In this interview, she also talks about how she maintains a positive attitude and keeps going in the midst of the hardships as a mom with MS.

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