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MS in Childhood: A Diagnosis at 11 Years Old

Multiple Sclerosis affects men, women and children -- something Crystal Bedoya knows very well. Crystal was diagnosed with MS when she was just 11 years old and has been living with the disease for the past 16 years.

She only recently decided to tell friends, family and the public that she was dealing with MS. We appreciate her encouraging messages online and spoke with her about her journey through diagnosis, symptoms, treatments and what the future holds.

Crystal says she wishes she would be spoken out earlier, because finding comfort and empowerment within community has been incredible. We encourage you to stay connected to a community as well!

In this interview, Crystal chats with us about the many different medications she has tried, and even some of the newer symptoms she has experienced. She offers positive words for the newly diagnosed and is an inspiration to those who may be in the same shoes. Enjoy our interview here:

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