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MS Led Her to a Journey of Self-Love

When were you diagnosed with MS and what was the first thing you did after you found out?

Google! Lots and lots of Google

What is something good that came out of your MS diagnosis?

I got a diagnosis! I got answers for my symptoms and things started to make sense. I am also very excited about the journey of self love it’s taken me on. I am learning to embrace moments more and be grateful for what I do have as you never know what is around the corner.

How has MS affected your daily life? Fatigue kicks my butt quite regularly. I have two young children and sometimes I find it so hard to get out of bed because I’m so tired. I suffer from horrendous back pain. Which is much worse in the morning and my vision alters daily.

What is the greatest achievement you have done since being diagnosed and how were you able to achieve it?

Hmmm, After my diagnosis I was 13 weeks pregnant with my second child and I was working full time, when my partner left us. I was struggling so much mentally and physically but I somehow managed to maintain my full time work, keep myself healthy throughout the pregnancy and look after a 4 year old. My children are now 4 and a half and 10 months and they are my great accomplishment! They are beautiful children and I hope that all of my challenges teaches them that life can be difficult and there will be hard days but with a positive mind and positive attitude and kindness and compassion there are also lots and lots of good days

What advice would you give to someone just finding out they have MS?

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is life altering and there will be hard days. Surround yourself with positive people and get rid of an toxicity in your life. There will be people that don’t believe you or doubt what you are saying or will offer their advice or opinions about their friends Aunties cousin who had MS, but you do you and whatever works for you. Life is far too short to be worrying about everyone else’s business. Learn (from creditable sources) everything about MS and treatment available. Knowledge is power. There is SO many resources available to people with MS, learn about what they are how how they can help you.

-- Maddie, MS Warrior

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