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MS Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Gretchen Hawley

We were so excited to chat with Dr. Gretchen Hawley, an physical therapy MS specialist. She's a Doctor of Physical Therapy focused specifically on MS patients and has so many great ideas -- some of which she shares in this interview!

Dr. Gretchen is committed to helping people with auto-immune diseases gain hope & participate in life confidently! Here, she shares her passion for MS and even does a few live demos of exercises. She works with patients at all levels of the disease and is excited to share how much movement can make a difference.

After she began getting more interest in her services, Dr. Gretchen started her own wellness business, where MS patients could work with her online using pre-recorded videos and coaching programs.

She works with all kinds of MS symptoms and helps patients conquer their battles with MS. She helps with improvements in strength, flexibility, walking, balance, and energy. What Dr. Gretchen shares is so inspiring and we are so excited to bring it to you!

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