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MS Run the US with Ashley Schneider

Ashley Schneider was inspired to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis because her Mom lived with the disease. But she didn't just do one fundraiser, she aimed to raise $500,000 by completing a run across the United States.

She ultimately reached her running goal (it took 6 months of consecutive, daily running!), and the feat was impressive, but she came up way short of her fundraising goal. She knew she wanted to make a difference long term. This dream turned into MS Run the US, which raises money for every year for research, equipment and all kinds of things to make life better for those living with MS.

Ashley doesn't live with MS herself, but she has so much passion for those who do -- and her energy is palpable in this conversation. She says many of her relay runners are living with MS, but plenty of friends and family members participate as well.

If you are looking to get involved in a real way, check out MS Run the US here and sign up!

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