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MS Warrior, Advocate and Fundraiser Patrycia Rzechowka

Don't miss our conversation with MS Warrior Patrycia Rzechowka, the subject of the documentary "MS'd with the Wrong Girl, a Fighter's Story."

We know you'll be inspired by Patrycia's story. Diagnosed in 2013, she immediately took action to fight back against a disease she knew very little about. Being active, becoming an advocate and fundraiser for the cause gave her hope and purpose.

Her positive spirit and ability to inspire others facing an uncertain future with MS is contagious. It's obvious Patrycia has a big, beautiful heart and we are so thankful for the passion she brings to ultimately finding a cure for MS.

Patrycia has also participated in MS Bike to raise money for MS research and has spoken to help with advocacy around the country. You can learn more about her story and the documentary film that was made about her here.

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