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MS Warrior: Marti Hines Represents Women of Color

MS Warrior Marti Hines is an inspiration. She is representing women of color in the world of Multiple Sclerosis and we were so excited to host an interview with her on Instagram recently. In addition to MS, Marti is a brain surgery survivor, a Trigeminal Neuralgia Warrior, filmmaker and CEO.

Her work includes event production, entrepreneurship and film production, directing and more. She is an extremely accomplished woman, who co-founded WanderLuxxe, the premier luxury film festival concierge service.

After being diagnosed with MS two years ago, Marti knew she wanted to be a voice for others to follow and be encouraged by. With her platform, she's been able to inspire many and has visions of a film in the making (we told her to let us know when it's happening!).

Enjoy this conversation we had with Marti on Instagram Live here:

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