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MS Warrior: Nora's Story of Fighting Back

When were you diagnosed with MS and what was the first thing you did after you found out?

In September 2020, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after several tests, from an MRI, blood tests, eye tests etc. When my doctor told me about my disease, I felt sad, worried and hopeless because I didn’t know what type of disease it was. And to know it has no cure was another hell for me. After I was diagnosed, I came home feeling sad.

What is something good that came out of your MS diagnosis?

I find it very difficult to walk instantly, but with the meds I was taking I felt ok. My muscles were relaxing, walking was more flexible comparing to when I wasn’t on any meds. And the physiotherapy too was helping along. I will say my journey with MS is going from worse to good so far.

How has MS affected your daily life?

Multiple sclerosis, I will say, has affected my daily life in some ways because I didn’t feel comfortable going out with friends to parties, clubs, pools, beach and public places because people will look at me strangely and I won’t feel comfortable with that.

What is the greatest achievement you have done since being diagnosed and how were you able to achieve it?

For me, to go to the hospital and do all the tests to confirm I have MS. It wasn’t easy because the money involved was huge. To be able to complete all that and start with my meds and physiotherapy is my greatest achievement because I feel a bit better comparing with the previous years, when I wasn’t on any medicine and I didn’t know what was wrong with my movement.

What advice would you give to someone just finding out they have MS?

As I said earlier, Multiple Sclerosis is not a death sentence and you can live your life with it. You need to have more knowledge about MS, keep reading, and never give up on the meds and physiotherapy. Sometimes you feel like giving up, you feel so sad, hopeless and down, but one thing is with the meds and physiotherapy, you are going to feel better.

Any other thoughts you would like to share?

My family has been with me through out this journey, helping me financially, encouraging me, praying for me. Without them, I don’t think I can make it this far with this disease that has no cure.

My number one thanks to the almighty God because without God giving me the strength, hope, favor and grace, I wouldn’t have gotten the confidence to write this because I was walking very funny for the past 4 years without knowing what was wrong with me. I was afraid to go to the hospital for check ups and I know it’s would have been worse if not for the Lord on my side. I’m forever grateful God🙏🏻.

I have gone through a lot of emotional hurts because of this disease, I lost people who I thought they were never going to leave me, friends, family. People looked down on me, used me and abounded me because of this disease, but in all this God was my strength and his still my strength. I always read this Bible verse that says, "I will not leave me or forsake you." I will really encourage each and every who has this disease never to give up because you can make it too.

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