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Multiple Sclerosis Expert: Dr. Ben Thrower

Multiple Sclerosis expert Dr. Ben Thrower joined MS Insight, our patient-centered, MS community, for an informative and inspiring conversation. Dr. Thrower is the Medical Director at the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute and has invaluable insights about the disease, symptoms, management, medical innovations and more.

New MS Diagnosis

In this interview, MS Insight CEO Wendy Booker speaks with Dr. Thrower about what patients can do when they first receive a Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses and some of the best treatments out there. With years of experience, his wisdom is nearly unmatched when it comes to these issues.

"The first thing I tell people with MS [when they are first diagnosed] is to take a deep breath," Thrower said. "Because our goal with you is for your MS to be boring. I want to address your MS appropriately, but I want it to be a small part of your life as possible."

Managing MS

At the Shepherd Center, where Dr. Thrower works, they hold educational seminars chatting about everything from using cannabis to issues related to sex within the disease. Maintaining a strong education related to the disease can be helpful in managing MS and knowing what your options are. Every person is different and working with your doctor to try a variety of treatments is recommended.

MS Progression

There are times when MS appears to get worse even when patients have tried seemingly everything. Dr. Thrower addressed this difficult question, saying:

"Progressive MS is one of the biggest challenges we face in the MS community...we want t make sure we're not missing the other part of treatment and that person -- and that's the wellness and rehabilitation aspect of MS," said Thrower.

Tune into the interview for a more comprehensive and optimistic answer to this tough issue.


COVID has affected the MS community, as it has those in many disease communities. Dr. Thrower recommends people continue their treatment as much as they can at this time. While there have been challenges, the majority of folks should do their very best to keep up their treatment. Much data exists showing that those with MS are not at higher risk for COVID, according to Dr, Thrower.

MS Clinical Trials

Many are interested in MS clinical trials, both to take care of themselves and to help others in the MS community. There are many opportunities to participate in clinical trials. Try going to and search under "Multiple Sclerosis" to see what's available at a given time.

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