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Stay Bright and Shine On


When were you diagnosed with MS and what was the first thing you did after you found out?

I was diagnosed with MS in the final senior semester of college. It was horrible. I had my whole life ahead of me and got this news that I thought was going to stop that. I immediately thought wheelchair. But then the universe gave me an article written by Wendy Booker and I read it and was inspired to write her a letter. She then wrote me a letter that ignited a spark in me to not let this diagnosis become me and run my life. From then on I didn't and I am so thankful for her and for her words.

What advice would you give to someone just finding out they have MS?

To not go to a dark place. This is an unpredictable disease and its different for everyone. Educate yourself and find a great Neurologist. Find hope and learn what can keep you healthy and do that. Surround yourself with good people, people who will life you. You can live with this disease and it does not need to rule your life.

What is something good that came out of your MS diagnosis?

I am a better person because of my diagnosis. I learned to appreciate the small things and to not take any day for granted. I truly believe I am a better wife, daughter, mother and friend because of my MS.

What is your morning routine?

I wake up around 5am when I work, other days typically 6am. Make coffee, see whats going on in the social media world, sometimes read and then wait for my daughter to wake up or head off to work. I love mornings, I love the silence and I love knowing I have a whole day ahead of me.

How has MS affected your daily life?

MS has affected my daily life in the sense that I now know I can't ignore when I am tired or stressed. I have to slow down and rest where before I could go and go. I have to rest up before big nights out. Downtime is crucial for me and I really try to rest my body. Now even more that I have a 2 year old!

Can you remember your saddest memory of your life?

I have experience lots of sad things in my life whether it be failures, deaths, my diagnosing call, etc. I try not to dwell on them but in retrospect they all make me stronger and make me appreciate so much more.

Can you remember the happiest moment of your life?

Too many to count! I am so lucky and fortunate to have so many amazing people in my life to aid in these memories - some off hand are getting married, the birth of my daughter, my mom recovering from surgery, family trips.....

What is the greatest achievement you have done since being diagnosed and how were you able to achieve it?

Having my daughter and making it through a horrific labor, not even related to MS. I had an emergency C-Section and ended up hemorrhaging. I had to have a blood transfusion and was really physically down for weeks. Thanks to my husband and family I was able to make it through and be a great new Mom for Chloe.

Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Stay positive and believe. We are what we think and our thoughts create our world. Stay bright and shine on - your life will reflect that.

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