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Hard Issues: Bowel, Bladder and Sexual Function with MS

Some of the most difficult issues to come with an MS diagnosis may be those related to bowel, bladder and sexual function. Everyone is affected differently, but it's important talk about what you are experiencing and how you can best manage these parts of your life.

In our recent video with Dr. James Bowen, he spoke with us about a few of these things and the resources patients can access.

How do MS patients define themselves as people -- not patients? That's a key question Dr. Bowen poses here. It's part of finding solutions that work for you as an individual. Dr. Bowen says one of the very best way to help yourself in areas of physical wellness (including the topics of this post) are through regular exercise and physical therapy.

He recommends working with your doctor or specialist to find a program that works for you. For example, if a regular exercise machine doesn't work well with your coordination skills, find a modified version of it. There is always a way to find modifications.

We recommend you check out Dr. Gretchen Hawley, who specializes in MS physical therapy and has many incredible modifications.

Watch Dr. Bowen's video here:

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