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MS and Motherhood with MS Warrior Kelsey

Multiple Sclerosis is hard enough on it's own. Add two young kids to the mix and things can get even more difficult. Kelsey Egan is a mom of two young children and she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two years ago, but she is not letting her condition get her down.

Like many MS patients, Kelsey's diagnosis likely came late. Looking back, she recognizes several things over the years that were likely MS symptoms. These were often explained away by well-meaning friends, and even healthcare providers, but it makes sense to her now.

In this conversation, Kelsey chats with MS Insight about her journey through MS, her treatment, medication and what advice she has for those with a new diagnosis. Like so many patients, Kelsey displays a beautiful attitude and strong spirit that will be inspiring to others. We are so thankful to know people like her, who are thriving in the MS community -- and offering a place of hope for those just beginning their journey.

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