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MS Awareness Week: We Are Grateful

It's MS Awareness Month and specifically this week, MS Awareness Week. We couldn't be more grateful for how far we have come in less than a year here at MS Insight. Getting started in 2020 was no easy feat, but working with so many resilient MS Warriors has provided the inspiration and motivation necessary to make it happen.

A few things we are grateful for this MS Awareness Month:

Our MS Patient Support Group. We are at over 800 members and growing after only a couple of months!

Incredible interviews with patients and doctors alike. We have more than 750,00 impressions, tens of thousands of views and the ability to reach so many in the community.

Our Facebook community has grown to over 3,000 and we have a small but mightily engaged and growing family over on Instagram.

Some of our favorite doctor interviews:

-- Dr. Ben Thrower, Medical Director at the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute

-- Dr. James Bowen, Medical Director at the Multiple Sclerosis Center and the Swedish Neuroscience Institute

Some of our favorite patient interviews:

If you are reading this, we are thankful you're here as well! We exist to advocate on behalf of patients and comment them with a community of care and support.

Be sure to join our MS Patient Support Group and sign up for our monthly, VIP newsletter here.

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Jacqueline Haller
Jacqueline Haller
Jun 21, 2021

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